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Know the West

A new Navajo newspaper

  The Navajo Nation newspaper market already has three major papers competing for readers among the reservation's 200,000 residents. But Deswood Tome, publisher of a new monthly newspaper, Dinéh Tribune, says there's still room for one more. "We want to be a newspaper that provides more in-depth news. We want to be the news source for the 109 chapter governments," he says. Tome believes the other newspapers don't adequately cover the chapters, each representing 1,000 to 14,000 tribal members. He says the Navajo Times, Navajo-Hopi Observer and Gallup Independent fail to cover issues such as the Manuelito Chapter's attempts to establish a Navajo art market in Israel and federal legislation that could bring all the reservation's schools under tribal control. The big three newspapers claim a combined circulation of about 47,000. After two issues, the eight-page Dinéh Tribune tabloid says its circulation is 7,000. For more information, contact Dinéh Tribune, P.O. Drawer 490, Window Rock, Navajo Nation, AZ 86515-0490.