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Know the West

An admirer of "Ms. Schock's Grit'

  Dear HCN,

Unless we markedly cut back on grazing in our arid Southwestern lands such as HCN wrote about May 2, we will continue the process of desertification that has been ongoing ever since large-scale overgrazing started in New Mexico. That long-time ranchers will be forced out of business by adopting prudent grazing policies is unfortunate for them; however, our environment cannot tolerate continued abuse and our country cannot afford to continue to subsidize public-land grazing.

I am a 24-year resident of New Mexico and have a master's degree in hydrogeology. I admire Ms. Schock's grit in carrying on this fight because I know how difficult, unpleasant and dangerous her opponents can make it for her.

Daniel Blodgett

Socorro, New Mexico