Same old DOE?

  U.S. Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary may be displaying unprecedented candor by disclosing her agency's sordid history of radiation experiments on humans. But two reports by the General Accounting Office suggest that the agency remains an old boys' club. According to one report, the DOE has yet to investigate what happened to $30 million of goods - computers, forklifts and more - recently discovered missing from the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant. According to the other report, DOE is spreading a large amount of money among a small group of contractors. Thirteen firms received almost two-thirds of the $1 billion in contracts the agency awarded for everything from washing its windows to vacuuming its nuclear waste. To receive copies of the reports, ask for GAO/RCED-94-77 and GAO/RCED-94-28 respectively. The phone number is 202/512-6000.

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