The populist tradition continues

April 29, 1983

A special issue on Montana's populist politics, including a review of the 1983 Montana Legislature and a "Montana Bestiary."


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The populist tradition continues
Defense of a coal-slurry ban by environmentalists and railroad workers is one example of Montana's populism, which responds to the needs and desires of the citizens as opposed to the desires of big business.
Montana Legislature '83: Mixed reviews
Development finance, coal slurry, hardrock mineral taxation, and the regulation of pesticides consumed the energies of the conservation lobby during the 1983 Montana legislature.


Kemmis' call for leadership
A speech by Dan Kemmis, who has risen quickly to leadership of the state's House after serving as House Minority Leader in 1981, and was the author of Montana's 1979 coal slurry ban.


Idaho wilderness battles rage
Wilderness is promising to be Idaho's environmental hot potato this summer as Sen. James McClure prepares a state wilderness bill and the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service continue a series of wilderness plans.
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