To cut or not to cut

March 4, 1983

A special issue on forest planning, including summaries of forest plans in the Rockies and forest policy revisions, plus articles on RARE III, Montana's Lewis and Clark Forest, and more.


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Forest plans advance despite "RARE III"
The Forest Service's decision to move into a third iteration of the Roadless Area Review and Evaluation (RARE) process has pulled the rug out from the creation of forest plans, but they are moving forward nonetheless.
When cutting paperwork means cutting trees
Before even one complete forest plan emerged from 1979 regulations, which were the product of compromises between environmentalists and industry, the Reagan administration began to undermine them.


Forest plans in the Rockies: Where the ploys are
A summary of forest plans in Colorado, Idaho, Montana and other Western states.


Whose land is it anyway?
The latest effort by the federal government to rid itself of part of the public domain is but the latest chapter in an enduring saga.
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