Breaking faith with Old Faithful

June 24, 1983

A special issue on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, with news on geothermal development near Yellowstone National Park and mining the Stillwater's platinum.


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Breaking faith with Old Faithful
Applications for drilling for geothermal steam just west of Yellowstone National Park may threaten Old Faithful, the park's iconic geyser.
Stillwater's platinum runs deep
Yellowstone area residents, mining proponents and others are still quarreling over how much protection to give to Yellowstone National Park's boundary lands, such as Montana's Beartooth Range, home to a rich platinum deposit.


The middle of the madding crowd
Has much changed since Rudyard Kipling toured Yellowstone in 1889 and wished he were dead, rather than be among preening American tourists?


Study sees four Powder River dams
A draft study on the Powder River Basin prepared for the Wyoming Water Development Commission recommends construction of four new water projects.
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