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Know the West

High Country News derides hunters

  Dear HCN,

I am sorry to say that I will not be renewing my High Country News subscription. I have been reading your paper with much interest and appreciation for the past four years, but lately have become increasingly disappointed with your anti-hunting, and anti-hunter, sentiment.

While your writers do an outstanding job illuminating some of the most complex and controversial issues facing the West today, the idea that hunters as a group are somehow less cognitive of the matters at hand, and generally harmful to the causes you celebrate, consistently invades your stories and commentary. I am not canceling my subscription because I cannot stomach reading that with which I do not agree. To the contrary, a vigorous literary debate concerning the issues that envelop hunting, conservation and environmentalism is necessary for these ways of life to evolve for the West's benefit. However, your commentary consistently derides hunters as a group and is patronizing and insulting in tone, devaluing the rest of your paper's point of view.

Sportsmen and environmentalists each have their shameful lot. But the balance of their members are unquestionably cut from the same cloth, sharing ideals, history and a vision for the future. For a publication of the High Country News' caliber and position to immaturely look down its nose at a group that it could count as an incredible ally is a sad loss for all.

William Ike Krasniewicz

Boulder, Colorado