Pipe down!

  A new group complains it's too noisy in the Pike-San Isabel national forests. "Machines are over-running our public lands," says Quiet Use Coalition board member Dick Scar. Founded in Buena Vista, Colo., the 100-member group hopes to convince the Forest Service to restrict motorized use in 16 areas of the forest to ensure a more peaceful visit for other recreationists. To do that, it has armed hikers with a report form to record any encounters with drivers of all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles. By spelling out specific incidents of recreational conflict or motorized trespass, the group hopes to show the Forest Service it needs to set aside more areas where motors aren't welcome. The coalition faces opposition from groups such as the Upper Arkansas Motorized Recreation Coalition, which says plenty of places are already closed to ATVs, motorbikes and snowmobiles. "If people are truly seeking a quiet experience, we have a million acres in this valley available to them," says Paula Bullington of the Motorized Recreation Coalition.

To learn more about the issue, contact the Quiet Use Coalition at P.O. Box 164, Buena Vista, CO 81211,

www.chaffee.net/QUC or the Upper Arkansas Motorized Recreation Coalition at P.O. Box 1569, Salida, CO 81201.

* Juniper Davis

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