It's our tradition

  • Sherlette Colegrove


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Sherlette Colegrove is a 42-year-old member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe in Northern California. She, too, is a member of the harvesters' alliance. Since 1993, Colegrove has been harvesting plants and mushrooms introduced to her by her grandmother.

"When someone was sick, she'd say go out and get me this plant. She'd tell me what it was used for. There's certain plants that we can sell and certain plants that we can't.

"It sounds like more and more are getting involved because money is tight. They just sell enough to eat and buy Pampers for their children.

"If you go out to harvest, you pray. If you get a message, you can gather. If you don't get a message, you get out of there. And that's just kind of hard for other ethnic groups to understand. They call that a myth, but to us that's life."

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