Arson: What a lesson

  Dear HCN,

It was a pleasure to read in the Nov. 9 issue the letter by Michael E. Adams supporting the arson at Vail. This man and every member of the Earth Liberation Front should be canonized for their visionary efforts in advancing the environmental cause. I only regret that someone wasn't killed in the burning lodge or that the surrounding forest didn't catch fire. Just think of how badly those filthy rich bastards would be hurting then.

The courage it must take to embrace violence for the sake of one's principles. Imagine the strength of character! Although I still have a long way to go, Mr. Adams has brought me one step closer to his level of enlightenment. My dream is to bomb an abortion clinic someday. Maybe someday I'll get the guts to round up some buddies and beat a homosexual to death.

All these years, I'd been thinking that we environmentalists should behave differently from the likes of Don Young and Saddam Hussein. Now I am liberated. Thank you, Mr. Adams, for showing me the error of my ways.

Toner Mitchell

Berkeley, California

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