Adopt a stream

  Driving the West's highways, you can't help but notice the blue "Adopt a Highway" signs announcing who's agreed to pick up trash beside the road. Now, the Colorado Water Conservation Board has started a similar program to help monitor stream flows. The agency is responsible for maintaining adequate water levels in 1,300 of the most fish-friendly streams in the state, but staff can't keep an eye on every stream. So in 1996, they contacted Colorado Trout Unlimited to help put together a volunteer stream-monitoring effort. Thanks to a grant from Great Colorado Outdoors and matching funds from Trout Unlimited and the Silver Trout Foundation, the pilot program "Adopt an Instream Flow" is under way. Volunteers act as the "eyes and ears' of the agency - checking gauges and alerting agency staff when flows are low. Program director Jeff Baessler says he's looking for energetic groups to volunteer for this new initiative.

If your group is interested in adopting a stream, contact Jeff Baessler at 303/866-3441 or [email protected]

* Stanley Yung

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