Vail and the road to a recreational empire

December 7, 1998

Some worry that Vail and the other booming ski resorts along Colorado's I-70 corridor - which are more lucrative than ever as they become year-round resorts - are turning the state into an Alpine theme park more like Switzerland than the Rocky Mountains.


Vail and the road to a recreational empire
Some worry that Vail and the other booming ski resorts along Colorado's I-70 corridor - which are more lucrative than ever as they become year-round resorts - are turning the state into an Alpine theme park more like Switzerland than the Rocky Mountains.


Concerned Coloradans comment
A variety of concerned Coloradans speak out in their own words about Vail and the environmental and socio-economics of the resort economy.
Anger on the Web
On the Web, environmentalist Michael Lewinski responds to angry e-mails and emotions, both pro and con, about the arson at Vail.
Colorado: Snow = skiers
An index offers interesting facts about Vail and other Colorado ski areas.


Terrorist tactics always undermine progress
The ecoterrorist arson that damaged ski lifts in Vail, Colo., has harmed the environmental movement in the West by its use of anonymous violence.

Book Reviews

A paradise resettled and a community lost
"Old Fences, New Neighbors" by Peter R. Decker, looks at the author's home of Ridgway, Colo., as a community in rapid transition.
Grand Staircase-Escalante in the spotlight
Some locals are pleased and some environmentalists displeased with the BLM's proposed management plan for Utah's new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Crystal Mountain plans to grow
A local group called the Crystal Conservation Coalition is worried about Boyne USA's plans for a massive makeover of the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Washington's Cascade Mountains.
Adopt a stream
The Colorado Water Conservation Board is working with volunteers to monitor instream flows in some 1,300 streams.
Squawking gets squawfish renamed
The Names of Fishes Committee of the American Fisheries Society is recommending that all squawfish be renamed pikeminnows to avoid giving offense to Native Americans.
Land Trusts
A census conducted by the Land Trust Alliance, based in Washington, D.C., reveals a rise in the number of land trusts in the Rocky Mountain West.
Women pioneers
"Women Pioneers for the Environment" by Mary Joy Breton offers 42 inspirational profiles.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
"Dispersing juvenile" spotted owl; Global Positioning System tracks cows; Climbers blase over wilderness; Nat'l Recreation Reservation Service reserves campsites; plagiarizing poetry in Utah; junk mail; ORVs in the university; Coca-Cola in Colo. schools.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Congratulations to Earle A. Chiles and Blue Valley Ranch Award winners; corrections.


Bears flocked to Aspen
Black bears have been invading the resort town of Aspen, Colo., and local wildlife managers are busy trying to educate the humans on how to co-exist with the bears.
Newcomers battle over river resort
One-time rock musician Robbie Levin plans to build a destination resort at his Sorrel River Ranch near Moab, Utah, and many locals are angry and frustrated in their efforts to stop him.
Scientists get a free ride
Rocky Mountain National Park officials are getting a lot of flak for permitting a crew of soil scientists to helicopter their way into a wilderness study area.
The Wayward West
BLM Director Pat Shea promoted to Acting Deputy Ass't Sec'y for Land & Minerals Mgmt.; Sierra Club's Carl Pope; Calif. police excused for dousing protesters w/ pepper spray; fifth Mexican wolf found dead in Southwest; snipers kill cows in Moses Lake, WA.
Using tools of destruction to restore redwoods
Pacific Watershed Associates was started by former Forest Service geologists Bill Weaver and Danny Hagans to help restore watersheds and old-growth forests by erosion-proofing closed forest roads.
A road could go there
Some conservationists say a proposed land exchange involving Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest is a bad idea.
Power poles make deadly perches
Kirk Hohenberger and other vocal raptor experts are pushing utility companies to make power poles safe for the birds that perch on them.
Women want the railroad to back off
A new group called WARR: Women/Wives Against the Railroad is fighting to protect railroad employees who are overworked and exploited by the Union Pacific.
Keep the backcountry free
An extensive backcountry fee program for Grand Teton National Park is scaled back after local backpackers protest.
Utah builds a dream trail
In Utah's rapidly growing Salt Lake City area, local communities are trying to work together to build the Bonneville Shoreline Trail before development makes it impossible.
Top gun seeks more of the high desert
A BLM plan to expand jet training outside of Nevada's Dixie Valley has angered almost everyone on the high desert.
Loggers told to stop cutting
California suspends Pacific Lumber's operating license for numerous logging violations.


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