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Wise words from a veteran activist


National Audubon Society activist and HCN subscriber Hazel Wolf stole the show at the Great Old Broads for Wilderness conference in Escalante, Utah, last month.

Just a few months past her 100th birthday, Wolf traveled from Seattle to give a campfire talk about the great women in her life. "When I was 5, I asked my cousin, "Am I pretty?" She looked at me and said, "Hazel, you look very, very intelligent." That settled the question for me," she told the group. "I never wanted to look pretty, I only wanted to look intelligent, all because of what my cousin told me 95 years ago."

The soft-spoken Wolf also credited her daughter, now 80, with teaching her kindness. "Now, I don't think I would even holler at Newt Gingrich if I met him, but don't be too sure," she said.

Wolf, a native of British Columbia, founded more than 20 chapters of the Audubon Society - a record for the organization - and co-founded the Community Coalition for Environmental Justice in Seattle.

The Boulder-based Great Old Broads group, organized in 1989, is determined to demonstrate that roadless wild places aren't just for 20-somethings. Although their members are mostly older women, younger women (-broads-in-training') and men are welcome to join: Extraterrestrial wilderness explorer John Glenn was just made an honorary member.

For more information about the group and its annual "Broadwalk" conference, contact Kelly Milliman at 303/697-7161 or [email protected]