Wise words from a veteran activist

  • GREAT OLD BROAD: Activist Hazel Wolf

    Michelle Nijhuis photo

National Audubon Society activist and HCN subscriber Hazel Wolf stole the show at the Great Old Broads for Wilderness conference in Escalante, Utah, last month.

Just a few months past her 100th birthday, Wolf traveled from Seattle to give a campfire talk about the great women in her life. "When I was 5, I asked my cousin, "Am I pretty?" She looked at me and said, "Hazel, you look very, very intelligent." That settled the question for me," she told the group. "I never wanted to look pretty, I only wanted to look intelligent, all because of what my cousin told me 95 years ago."

The soft-spoken Wolf also credited her daughter, now 80, with teaching her kindness. "Now, I don't think I would even holler at Newt Gingrich if I met him, but don't be too sure," she said.

Wolf, a native of British Columbia, founded more than 20 chapters of the Audubon Society - a record for the organization - and co-founded the Community Coalition for Environmental Justice in Seattle.

The Boulder-based Great Old Broads group, organized in 1989, is determined to demonstrate that roadless wild places aren't just for 20-somethings. Although their members are mostly older women, younger women (-broads-in-training') and men are welcome to join: Extraterrestrial wilderness explorer John Glenn was just made an honorary member.

For more information about the group and its annual "Broadwalk" conference, contact Kelly Milliman at 303/697-7161 or [email protected]

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