The NIMBY factor

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  If you live in a rural area with no zoning, and if one day a pesticide manufacturing plant announces plans to build in your neighborhood, you might want to consult Not In My Back Yard: The Handbook. Anthropologist and activist Jane Anne Morris details how to launch and win a grass-roots battle against LULUs, defined as Locally Unwanted Land Uses. Morris has suggestions for how to generate community support, research complex issues, educate the public and negotiate with the opposition. She also offers methods for handling common NIMBY counter-attacks, such as being labeled a crazed, drug-using Satan-worshipper. Morris says NIMBY activists should be prepared for insults and abuse, since any opposition "is profoundly irritating to those who are accustomed to planning others' lives."

Silvercat Publications, 4070 Goldfinch St., Suite C, San Diego, CA 92103-1865 (619/299-6744). 1994. $14.95, paper, 304 pages.

* Pam Ostermiller

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