Whose public lands?

  The evolving battle over management of the West's vast public lands is the focus of a three-day conference sponsored by the University of Colorado's Natural Resources Law Center. "Who governs the public lands: Washington? The West? The community?" features Western heavyweights from academia, industry, environmental groups and federal agencies discussing everything from grazing reform to forest management in the Pacific Northwest. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt will kick off the event, which runs Sept. 28-30. Other speakers include Dan Luecke, regional director for the Environmental Defense Fund; University of Colorado law professor Charles Wilkinson; Maggie Fox, Southwest representative of the Sierra Club, and High Country News publisher Ed Marston. The closing session examines planning models in the West in which local and national interests have worked collaboratively to solve natural resource problems on public lands. The conference, held in the courtroom of the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder, costs $325. Discounts are available for academics, government employees and those working for nonprofits. For more information, contact the Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado School of Law, Campus Box 401, Boulder, CO 80309-0401 (303/492-1288).

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