The U.S. Army still plans to eject missile debris over Utah, but wants to adjust its aim. Many residents of Moab, Utah, as well as environmentalists from elsewhere, protested an earlier plan to drop 1-ton missile boosters northeast of a heavily visited area in Canyonlands National Park (HCN, 4/19/94). Now the Army proposes to allow its missile boosters to fall from the sky farther south. By targeting San Juan County instead, the Army says it won't have to occasionally close Interstate 70 or evacuate as many people from Canyonlands and nearby areas. Critics say the new plan is little improvement over the old one. "It looks like the Army's only criterion for making new drop zones was to find a county with commissioners to support it," says Scott Groene, staff attorney for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. The Army plans to launch up to 100 missiles between 1995 and 2000, to test weapons similar to the Patriot missile used in the Gulf War.

To receive a copy of the inch-thick Theater Missile Defense Extended Test Range: Supplement to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, or to comment by Sept. 28, write David Hasley, U.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, CSSD-EN-V, Box 1500, Huntsville, AL 35807-3801. To record a request for more information, call 1/800-603-3030.
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