Discovering the Rockies

December 24, 1982

A special issue on the identity of the Rocky Mountains, with articles on regional politics, watersheds and bioregions, a closeup on Yellowstone National Park, and more.


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The puzzle of the Rocky Mountain high
Does the Rocky Mountain identity really exist? Do people here feel the pull of regionalism like, say, midwesterners or New England natives?
Politics: A perpetual mirage
One can be a technotwit, a businessman, a flower child or even a woman and win elections in the Rockies, but it helps if one also knows how to swing a rope, or at least a fly rod.
Everybody has to be someplace
Is a sense of place -- a link between bios and region -- vital? One of America's greatest afflictions is a feeling of homelessness, estrangement, anomie.
Dry defines the desert
The residents of Phoenix, Albuquerque and Tucson are no more southwesterners than the American employees of oil companies, living in Saudi Arabia in sealed compounds complete with Wataburger stands, are Saudi Arabians.
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