Appropriate Technology

July 9, 1982

A special issue with articles on Reagan's energy policies, the Montana's National Center for Appropriate Technology, and solar power.


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Reagan budget foresakes appropriate tech for nukes
Shortly after Ronald Reagan took office he made it clear that alternative energy and conservation would not be part of his energy policy.
Rolling with the punches at NCAT
Established by Congress in 1976, the National Center for Appropriate Technology, based in Butte, Mont., is surviving despite a slashed budget.
SERI: Reining in the sun king
The budget-stressed Solar Energy Research Institute in Golden, Colorado, provides information to homeowners, builders, architects, and anyone interested in learning more about the growing solar industry.


It's a woman's world
Along with a gradual shift to appropriate technologies there must be a broad commitment to task-sharing and equity in employment so that women do not get shuffled once again to the bottom of the social deck.
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