Speaking of eating: There is no meat I would rather eat

  Speaking of eating: There is no meat I would rather eat, and none I eat more of, than wild meat got with my own bloody hands as an ethical predatory omnivore.

To the contrary, I go sick at the thought of swallowing "alternative livestock" flesh butchered from the bones of captive-raised wild animals.

Magazines running plugs for high-priced eateries where "wild game" is served, as is the fashion these days, by promoting game ranching and glorifying elitist consumptive values, in fact are working against the long-term interests of wildlife and democracy. Same-same for those who proffer and purchase mail-order "wild" meat.

As a hunter, I kill nothing I will not eat, I eat everything I kill, and when I fail or decline to kill I eat road-kill. There is honor and humility in these acts. Contrarily, purchasing bogus "wild game" meat or body parts promotes wildlife profiteering, hubris, waste and worse.

A tertiary moral strike against game ranching is the cruelty, mental as well as physical, attendant to sawing off the velvet antlers of captive bull elk, to be sold like bloody gold on the booming Oriental "folk medicine" market.

If you haven't noticed, I despise it all, top to bottom.

" David Petersen

in Elkheart

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