Zero Circles

  • "Generations Circle" in Colville National Forest

    Daniel Dancer photo
  • "Circle in the Road" in Arizona's Coconino National Forest

    Daniel Dancer photo
  • "Firechain Circle" in Willamette National Forest, Oregon

    Daniel Dancer photo

Daniel Dancer's "Zero Circles Project" sets out to end logging in the West's public forests by illustrating the history of logging on these lands, as well as illuminating the wonders of the native forests that remain. He has trekked across forests of the West, forming circles of fire, people or wood - then quickly snapping photos. These are the circles of both wholeness and a "zero-cut" policy for our national forests, Dancer says. Alone, these photographs won't change policies and they won't save forests, but they are a beautiful and quirky form of activism that, for a moment, sets aside the debates of politics and science.

You can view more of Dancer's images at or contact him at 121 Two Rivers Road, Underwood, WA 98651 (509/493-1757). - Dustin Solberg

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