Bye, bye, Idaho

  Dear HCN,

I read with amusement the "ranting and raving" of W.M. Martin from Arizona (HCN, 5/25/98) about the Californians moving to his state, complaining about everything, but not moving. Now it's my turn to rant. I sneaked into Idaho from Pennsylvania a few years back and have complained about Idaho in the same way Californians complain about Arizona - high taxes, bad roads, noisy 30-year-old vehicles, too conservative, etc. Only, I plan to leave, having given up on the idea that Idahoans will ever grow up. Apparently their strategy of driving (or keeping) out those newcomers who are environmentally sensitive, contribute greatly to the community, pay huge taxes, and generally are an asset is working, at least on me. I'm outta here!

My only conclusion is that they prefer the status quo, no matter what the long and short term cost.

J. Mariani

Pocatello, Idaho

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