Riding the Wyoming 'brand'

July 6, 1998

Wyoming's brand of insider politics is keeping the state in thrall to extractive industries and out of step with the rest of the West.


Riding the Wyoming 'brand'
Wyoming's brand of insider politics is keeping the state in thrall to extractive industries and out of step with the rest of the West.


Democrats struggle to regain a foothold
Retired Democratic congressman Teno Roncalio says the Democratic party needs to redefine itself in Wyoming if it's going to regain any of its historic influence in the state.


Mexican subculture grows beneath Colorado's mountains
The many Latino immigrants who work in Aspen, Colo., try to keep their own culture alive behind the scenes of the high-end resort town.

Book Reviews

The illustrated adventures of bison
The new 400-page, four-pound "Draft EIS for Interagency Bison Management Plan for the State of Montana and Yellowstone National Park" considers seven alternatives in the management of wandering bison in the Yellowstone area.
In the footsteps of Muir
"Walking With Muir Across Yosemite" by Geraldine Vale and Thomas Vale retraces Muir's footsteps and finds that, away from noisy, tourist-thronged roads, much of the park is surprisingly unchanged.
Justice for the cutthroat
A coalition of conservation groups helped push the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service into listing the westslope cutthroat trout as threatened.
Takings clarified
Law professor William Michael Treanor has written a booklet to clarify "takings" issues, "The Original Understanding of the Takings Clause."
Still on the hit list
The Wilderness Society has expanded its list of the most endangered wild places in the U.S. from 10 to 15 this year.
Colorado Water Workshop
The 23rd annual Colorado Water Workshop will be held July 29-31 in Gunnison, Colorado.
Wild Mushrooms/Telluride
Wild Mushrooms/Telluride will be held Aug. 27-30 in Telluride, Colorado.
The San Pedro River
The Commission for Environmental Cooperation has released a report, "Sustaining and Enhancing Riparian Migratory Bird Habitat on the Upper San Pedro River."
Colorado curmudgeon defends the rural West
Newspaper columnist Ed Quillen's new book, "Deep in the Heart of the Rockies," is a hefty helping of some of Quillen's "ravings" in defense of the real Colorado.
Defining a scientific movement
"Biomimicry" by Janine M. Benyus, is an entertaining and enlightening tour of modern scientific research.
Waterton Glacier International Writers' Workshop
The third annual Waterton Glacier International Writers' Workshop is scheduled for Sept. 24-26 in Glacier Park, Montana.
Whitewater boating groups
Whitewater boating groups are invited to apply for $500 to $2,500 grants to promote river access or conservation projects.
When Will the Joy Ride End?
The Community Office for Resource Efficiency has produced a primer, "When Will the Joy Ride End?" about petroleum products and alternatives.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Bears break into cars and cabins, attack hikers and skiers; Pamplona-West seeks running of bulls in Mesquite, Nev.; winged fire ants in Texas; restraining livestock; private helicopter in Wilson, Wyo.; Pacific chorus frogs; Islamic Jihad cut Wyo. fences.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Skipped issue; Paonia's Fourth of July; odds and ends; visitors.


Begging bears are back in Idaho
Entrepreneur Mike Ferguson opens "Yellowstone Bear World" in Rexburg, Idaho, aiming to recreate the old "begging bear" days of the 1950s Yellowstone for today's tourists.
The Wayward West
Wildlife Services budget; Gloria Flora runs Humboldt Toiyabe Nat'l Forest; Yucca Mtn. repository delayed; only 10 American Heritage rivers; Utah wilderness re-inventory ruled OK; Mtn. Bike Assn. won't join Utah Wilderness Coalition; Animas-La Plata Lite.
Judges get FREE lessons on property rights
Some say that the seminars for judges hosted by economist John Baden's group FREE (Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment) are biased toward a right-wing property-rights advocacy.
A timber town rallies for roads
Idaho Republican Rep. Helen Chenoweth takes part in a rally in the timber town of Cascade, Idaho, to protest the Forest Service's road-building moratorium.
Nuclear waste hits another roadblock
New Mexico's Waste Isolation Plant Project (WIPP) is stalled a week before its planned opening by state regulators who say that the plant needs a state permit.
Victory for the tortoise
A Star, Idaho, man pleads guilty to unlawaful possession of a protected species after he is charged with stealing two endangered desert tortoises from Snow Canyon State Park.
Should a highway run through it?
The Utah Department of Transportation wants to run the four-lane "Legacy Highway" through 160 acres of federally protected wetlands near Salt Lake City.
A mountain town locks out gated communities
Developer Jim Mehen's plans to build a gated "golf community" raise fierce opposition among Flagstaff environmentalists who say the 300 luxury homes and golf course would harm wetlands and divide the booming city on economic lines.
A writer rouses Flagstaff with guerrilla journalism
Environmental activist Mary Sojourner uses her writing skills in enthusiastic defense of the town and landscape of Flagstaff, Ariz.
Glacier's road is going to the dogs
The historic Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Montana's Glacier National Park is in bad shape, and locals in the tourist trade and park officials are arguing over whether the road should be carefully restored, or modernized and rebuilt.
Ordering chicken for a whole town
NUCHIK Inc. wants to build one of the largest chicken-processing plants in the West in the town of Artesia, N.M., but some fear the ensuing population growth would be more than the small town could handle.


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