Recreation: "as bad as clearcutting'

  Dear HCN,

I just received my April 27 issue of HCN and it's without a doubt your best issue. I can't thank you enough for Jon Margolis' article on the coming threat of industrial recreation. Like Scott Silver, most of my personal life outside of work has been taken over by trying to get the word out on this. Believe me, public knowledge of the extremely intrusive new national forest fee system is virtually nonexistent! Any public relations rhetoric put out by the Forest Service that public opinion supports the fee system is based on an extremely small sample of people who were given such skewed information that they couldn't possibly know what they were really commenting on.

As a person who lives to spend time in our national forests for the physical, mental and spiritual renewal the natural world provides, I visit over a dozen forests a year - which would now cost me over $300 in annual sticker fees. National environmental groups need to catch on; the potential threat is as bad as clear-cutting. The unholy alliance between the American Recreation Coalition and Alaska Sen. Frank Murkowski threatens future access by average familes to our entire national forest system.

Irene Schmidt

Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

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