Bringing a ghost town to life

  By 1935, recurring flash floods had washed everyone out of Grafton, Utah, except vandals and an occasional Hollywood producer. Then this April, those living near the ghost town staged a fund raiser to repair the combined school and church that dates from the town's Mormon settlement 139 years ago. "The buildings are in advanced stages of deterioration," says Jack Burns, head of the Rockville Historic Preservation Commission, "but it's still possible to save the town, and it's definitely worth it." Irrigation ditches, orchards, a cemetery and road remnants contribute to the ghostly atmosphere of the town, which is outside Zion National Park. The Bureau of Land Management and some of those who own property in the town would like to buy more land and conservation easement as part of the restoration effort. To help or to learn more, write the Grafton Heritage Partnership Project, c/o the Town of Rockville, Rockville, UT 84763.

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