Don't fence me in

June 8, 1998

Bison have made a remarkable recovery from near extinction a century ago, but now the animal's growing popularity as livestock raises questions about whether it can remain a "wild" animal.


Don't fence me in
Bison have made a remarkable recovery from near extinction a century ago, but now the animal's growing popularity as livestock raises questions about whether it can remain a "wild" animal.


Bison comeback meets resistance on the ground
A plan to restore free-roaming bison to North Dakota's Little Missouri National Grassland meets unexectedly fierce resistance from local cattle ranchers.


Thirty days left for politics, petulance
In the waning days of Congress, it begins to look as if the controversial Quincy Library Bill will fall victim to a mixture of "politics and petulance."

Book Reviews

Lagged not logged
"Lagged" lookout trees once climbed by nimble fire spotters still stand in the Southwest's Kaibab and Apache-Sitgreaves national forests.
Bringing a ghost town to life
The Grafton Heritage Partnership Project seeks to preserve and restore the 139-year-old ghost town of Grafton, Utah.
Defending the dunes
The Citizens for Florence hopes to preserve the Oregon coastal town's sand dunes from development.
Smaller and smaller forests
Three "forest fragmentation" videotapes discuss the serious threats to forest health caused by humans cutting Colorado and Wyoming forests into smaller isolated stands.
A family preserves the West
The Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colo., displays the century-old photos and records kept by pioneer, amateur archaeologist Tom Wetherill and his family.
9th Annual South Platte Forum
Colorado Water Resources Institute is holding the 9th Annual South Platte Forum and requests abstracts proposals by Aug. 1.
Wild Rockies Rendezvous
Alliance for the Wild Rockies is holdings its 10th anniversary at the Wild Rockies Rendezvous Sept. 18-20 in Corvallis, Mont.
Ecosystem Restoration: Turning the Tide
The Northwest chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration is sponsoring "Ecosystem Restoration: Turning the Tide," Oct. 28-30, in Tacoma, Wash.
Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
Volunteers are being sought by the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative to restore heavily eroded trails on Colorado's highest peaks.
Wyoming Dinosaur Center
The Wyoming Dinosaur Center southeast of Yellowstone National Park offers kids aged 8-13 a chance to assist scientists in digging dinosaur bones.
1998 Earle A. Chiles Award
The High Desert Museum seeks nominations for its 1998 Earle A. Chiles Award to people who have enriched cultural and natural wealth of the high desert.
Montana Wilderness: More Than Just a Pretty Place
The Montana Wilderness Association's free 18-page booklet of maps and histories makes a case for protecting public wildlands.
Capulin Volcano National Monument
The National Park Service invites the public to help plan the management of Capulin Volcano National Monument in northeast New Mexico.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West
"Flat-head" tourist questions in Indian museum; Mount Rushmore facelifts; Durango's Pepto-Bismol-pink trophy home; killer hay bales; cops on mountain bikes; Smokey Bear sells cars; Portland sewage boo-boo; water on the moon; timber bosses lament.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Telluride Mountain Film Festival; visitors; intern Jennifer Chergo; CU professors visit; apricots; Deborah Ham obituary.


Navajos may say no to nuclear waste
While Congress argues over whether Yucca Mountain, Nev., will store nuclear waste by 2003, Navajo activists urge the reservation to become a "nuclear-free" zone and forbid the waste to be transported across it.
The Wayward West
Idaho debates four Snake River dams; no flood in Grand Canyon this spring; no jet-skiers protest in Canyonlands; Cove-Mallard protesters sentenced; WIPP gets license to store nuclear waste; oil and gas industry sues over ban protecting Rocky Mtn. Front.
Locals battle military planes
In Colorado's Wet Mountain Valley, activists fight a Colorado Airspace Initiative that would allow more frequent overflights for military training.
'Odd couple' sues over grazing permits
Western Gamebird Association joins Forest Guardians in lawsuit tackling overgrazing in Arizona.
Biologists get the ax
N.M. Gov. Gary Johnson vetoes funds earmarked for staff biologist positions in endangered species protection and environmental education.
All's not Swell
Environmentalists say Utah Rep. Chris Cannon's bill designating San Rafael Swell wilderness is really an "anti-wilderness bill'' that needs to be opposed.
Most favor the grizzly
A summary of public comments on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's plan to restore grizzlies in Idaho and Montana's Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness shows 77 percent in favor, but some environmentalists say there are still problems with the plan.
Feds sue a Utah county for building a road in a national park
Garfield County faces a trespassing lawsuit, filed by the Department of Interior for unauthorized road construction on the Burr Trail in Capitol Reef National Park.

Photo Essay

Waste Land: Meditations on a Ravaged Landscape
David T. Hanson's disturbing photographs of industrial landscapes are "the topography of our open wounds," writes Wendell Berry in a preface to Hanson's "Waste Land: Meditations on a Ravaged Landscape."


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