Someone's dreaming

  Dear HCN,

I could not believe the naivete of Jeff Burgess when he questioned in his letter why Western towns need to be based on ranching, logging and mining (HCN, 4/13/98). His suggestion that we imagine a "quiet little town where most people spend their work week writing innovative software programs ... while their weekends are spent appreciating, in a responsible manner, the natural splendor of the surrounding public lands ..."

My goodness, that's a lot of computer programs! What are these innovative programmers going to eat and where will they find material to build homes or any other basic needs of existing?

I thought at first the letter was a prank, a joke, tongue-in-cheek, but after reading it again and again, decided that it was the author's ignorance that was the joke.

Lee Rostad

Martinsdale, Montana

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