Glitz and growth take a major hit in Santa Fe

August 8, 1994

Newly elected Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo promises progressive, populist changes.


Glitz and growth take a major hit in Santa Fe
Newly elected Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo promises progressive, populist changes.


FBI was out to get freethinking DeVoto
Writer and conservationist Bernard DeVoto was thoroughly investigated by the FBI.
Why did 14 more have to die?
The deaths of 14 firefighters raise huge questions about fire suppression policies.

Book Reviews

The list no Idaho stream wants to be on
EPA increases official list of Idaho's polluted rivers to 800.
Children need the wild
A review of Gary Paul Nabhan's The Geography of Childhood.
A Northwest watersheds expo
Watersheds'94 conference planned.
Tourists welcome, sort of
Representatives from 15 tribes gather to discuss impacts of tourism.
Teaming up
The recently created Henry's Fork Watershed Council unites two groups that were former adversaries.
Wetlands program wasn't
Study shows that mitigation projects in Oregon destroyed more wetlands than they created.
Restoring the Rio Grande
Rio Grande restoration seeks to increase water flows in river.
Agency cuts timber cut
Timber cut is scaled down by 25 percent.
Idaho wilderness bill fails
Idaho wilderness bill is shelved.
Colorado water map
Colorado water education forum provides maps and information.
Pesticides linger in Northwest
Report finds groundwater contamination by pesticides in the Northwest.
Eating the scenery
Oregon economics consulting firm issues report, Transitions: New Incentives for Rural Communities.
Ferrets to find new homes
Park Service approves release of black-footed ferret in Badlands National Park.
Real summertime
A review of John Alcock's book, Sonoran Desert Summer.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Arrival of Ray Ring and family, visitors, corrections.


Forest Service dunked by its own 'witch hunt'
Judge rules that former Helena National Forest Supervisor Ernie Nunn be reinstated.
As witness for prosecution, chief aids defense
Ernie Nunn believes Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas helped his case.
No room for "pseudo-Indian charlatans"
Lakotas clash with New-Agers at Bear Butte State Park, S.D.
City Slickers should leave wilderness rough
Movie makers leave land damaged after filming City Slickers II
A seed business blooms in Nevada
Comstock Seed Company does booming business with wild native plants.
Eagles fly off the endangered species list
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Mollie Beattie wants to reclassify bald eagles from endangered to threatened status.
Where have all the tourists gone?
Despite predictions of overcrowding, visitation is down at Grand Canyon this year.
Now you see them ...
Cartographers are removing Indian ruins from maps to protect their locations.
Endangered Species Act dissed on street ...
Wise-users protest reauthorization of Endangered Species Act.
... and invoked for salmon, against grazing
Environmentalists use Endangered Species Act to protect Snake River salmon from grazing.
Animas-La Plata a financial boondoggle
Inspector General's office says the Animas-La Plata water project is "economically infeasible."
Life after Barbee
Michael Finley replaces Robert Barbee as superintendent of Yellowstone National Park.


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