Training and bombing range expansions at a glance

  • Existing military airspace and training areas

    Diane Sylvain

Note: in the print edition of this issue, this article appears as a sidebar to a news article,"Military wants to grow its Western empire."

Arizona Military wants increased training at Yuma Proving Ground; long-range renewal of the 2.6 million acre Barry Goldwater Range.

California Proposed expansion of National Training Center at Fort Irwin, including military withdrawal of 310,000 acres of BLM land; expansion of electronic warfare at China Lake.

Colorado Colorado Airspace Initiative would expand restricted military air space to cover about one-fourth of the state.

Idaho Enhanced Training proposal in Idaho would withdraw about 12,000 acres of BLM land for a bombing zone throughout a 3 million-acre area in southwest Idaho.

Nevada Military proposes addition of 127,000 acres of public land near Fallon Navy base; renewal of Nellis Air Force range and linkage of electronic warfare systems at Fallon and Nellis.

New Mexico Military proposes new bombing range for German aircraft operations at Holloman Air Force Base (HCN, 10/27/97); proposes expansion of air space by Fort Wingate Army base.

Utah Utah Test and Training Range proposes expansion of air space.

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