Oil clashes with elk in the Book Cliffs

April 13, 1998

Utah's remote and little known Book Cliffs area seemed ripe for preservation under an innovative, locally grown initiative - until oilman Oscar Wyatt stepped in to challenge it.


Oil clashes with elk in the Book Cliffs
Utah's remote and little known Book Cliffs area seemed ripe for preservation under an innovative, locally grown initiative - until oilman Oscar Wyatt stepped in to challenge it.


Training and bombing range expansions at a glance
Proposed military expansions in various Western states.


Be careful what you wish for the wolves
The complicated legal saga of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone offers a cautionary tale for activists and their lawyers.
Wyoming: The last tough place
A Wyoming man celebrates the difficulty of living in his wild, lonely, poor, unsophisticated state - the "last good place left."
The birth, life, and coming death of a Wyoming dam
Someday the Shoshone Dam at the end of the North Fork of Wyoming's Shoshone River will be only a memory, transformed by its silted-up reservoir into a gigantic waterfall.

Book Reviews

Scat Spot, scat
The Wolf Education Research Center in Boise, Idaho, will train dogs to sniff out the scat of endangered species.
Grizzlies on staff
The Glacier Institute teaches students of all ages about Glacier National Park.
All that glitters...
The Mono County Mining Committee is organizing against a proposed open-pit gold mine near Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
Partial measurements
Colorado State University Professor Steven Abt has a computer program that will help landowners extend the life of the Parshall Flumes that irrigate Colorado fields.
Playing by the rules
The video "Rules of the Snow" offers safety tips for Western snowmobilers.
Mine your jewelry box
The Missoula, Mont., group, Women's Voices for the Earth, suggests gold jewelry be recycled instead of new gold being mined.
Outdoor Recreation: Promise and Peril in the New West
The Natural Resources Law Center at the University of Colorado holds its 19th annual summer conference June 8-10.
California Water Map
The updated California Water Map explains the state's complex network of water projects.
The Western Ancient Forest Campaign
The Western Ancient Forest Campaign has a new office in California's Sierra Nevada foothills.
Hells Canyon benefit float trip
Hells Canyon Preservation Council and Northwest Ecosystem Alliance sponsor a wooden/dorie benefit float trip down the Snake River, June 1.
National Audubon Society biennial convention
The National Audubon Society holds its biennial convention July 6-11 in Estes Park, Colo.
Getting it right: a policy agenda for local population activism
Judith E. Jacobsen, a member of the President's Council on Sustainable Development, offers a provocative paper, available from University of Colorado's Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy.

Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West
Vail snowshoer meets cougar; cougars eat dogs in Nev; grizzlies "unacceptable species" in Idaho county; death-row dogs in Ore.; Denver coyote; Bruce Babbitt missing?; Gov. Racicot meets school kids; pennies from heaven in Utah; expensive Pentagon screws.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Questions and visitors; an evening with Stewart Udall; HCN in Awake!


Feds propose weak organic food rules
Colorado organic rancher Mel Coleman rallies opposition to proposed new federal standards on "organic" label that would allow antibiotics and chemicals in so-called organic beef.
The Wayward West
Nez Perce fire wolf man Timm Kaminski; Helen Chenoweth defends property rights; Zortman-Landusky mine closes; Utah's Lisbon Valley mine going ahead; Victor, Colo., gold mine must come clean.
A few fish may move a mountain of tailings
The radioactive uranium tailings on the banks of the Colorado River near Moab, Utah, may be moved to protect the endangered squawfish from contaminants in the river.
EPA to ASARCO: Time to pay
The EPA fines ASARCO $62 million with most of the money going to clean up a copper mine in Ray, Ariz., and a smelter in East Helena, Mont.
A road to ruins?
New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici is trying to push a controversial six-lane highway through Albuquerque's Petroglyph National Monument.
All is not quiet on the Rocky Mountain Front
Following Forest Supervisor Gloria Flora's banning of new oil and gas leases on Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, Sen. Max Baucus has a bill to ban oil and gas exploration on surrounding forests as well.
Military wants to grow its Western empire
The military seeks expansion of its ranges and airspace in the West through more than a dozen proposals.
Panel says fish gotta swim
Scientists say half of the Snake River's endangered salmon and steelhead should migrate naturally instead of being barged past dams, if the fish are to survive.


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