Watch out for Fido

  Dear HCN,

Hugh B. McKeen cried wolf in the article "Wolves go wild in the Southwest" (HCN, 2/16/98). McKeen, who is convinced that people have been killed by wolves, predicts a child will be killed by Mexican wolves within a few years. That dog don't hunt. Compared to Fido, the family pet, wolves are saints. Consider this:

* Dogs bite almost 4.5 million people each year;

* Almost 800,000 of these bites require medical attention;

* Most bites are inflicted by family pets or dogs known to the victim.

The Insurance Information Institute estimates that up to one-third of homeowners' liability claims are for dog attacks.

There has never been a documented case of a healthy wolf attacking a human. I'll take my chances with a wolf over Fido any day.

Drusha L. Mayhue

Bozeman, Montana

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