Saving the remnants

  • Formation in Adobe Town area

    Mike McClure
  Of the 17 million acres managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming, 16 million acres have been developed and a "paltry 240,000 acres recommended for wilderness," says Liz Howell, staffer in the Sierra Club's Northern Plains office. Because these wild lands are being lost to dirt biking, oil and gas development and mining, the Sierra Club and 16 other organizations are developing a Citizens' Wilderness Proposal for Wyoming BLM lands. To acquaint people with some of these spectacular areas, the Sierra Club, Wyoming Outdoor Council and Wyoming Wildlife Federation are sponsoring hiking trips. Coming up June 4 and 5 is a photography workshop and hike to Adobe Town in south-central Wyoming between Rock Springs and Rawlins. Photographer Mike McClure and wildlife advocate Dick Randall will lead the exploration. Other trips will take visitors to the Red Desert, Medicine Lodge Canyon, Devil's Playground, South Big Horn, Red Wall, the Lysite Badlands, and six other remote and roadless areas. For more information call Liz Howell or Dianne Wyatt at 307/672-0425.

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