Focus on the sun

August 22, 1980

A special issue on the solar technology movement, with articles on do-it-yourself builders, making photovoltaic panels economically competitive, greenhouses and more.


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Solar pioneer persists, without federal handout
Zomeworks Corporation, one of the nation's earliest solar energy companies, strives to develop and manufacture inexpensive items which pay for themselves, and does not take government grants.
Solar center's bright future now clouded
The Solar Energy Research Institute's connections with the federal Department of Defense have the private-sector solar industry doubting the impact the institute will have on spreading solar technology.
The silent generator's costs come down to earth
Today solar electricity is running, among other things, a remote refrigerator, a radio repeater, a national park building and a backwoods out-house in the Rocky Mountain states. Six years from now, the U.S. Department of Energy predicts that solar cells will be cheap enough even for the average biscuit baker.
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