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Know the West

Call to the Desert

  Call to the Desert will cover "hot" topics at the Nevada Nuclear Test site, 60 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nev. The anti-nuclear group, Healing Global Wounds, hosts a gathering Oct. 10-13 that features prayers at sunrise, a workshop led by Margene Bullcreek, a Skull Valley Goshute member who opposes nuclear waste coming to her reservation, and nonviolence training. Healing Global Wounds coordinator Jennifer Viereck expects several hundred people over the weekend, and she encourages people unfamiliar with anti-nuclear issues to come and learn: "There are young anarchists, elderly church people, all kinds of people." Some protesters also plan to peacefully block the road to the test site, though newcomers are encouraged to take the nonviolence training workshop first. The Boulder Creek, Calif.-based group has held desert gatherings at Easter and on Indigenous Peoples' Day - Oct. 12 - since 1992. Contact Healing Global Wounds for more information at 408/338-0147,or by e-mail at [email protected]