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Know the West

The writer was cynical

  Dear HCN,

I find the tone of Stephen Lyons' essay, "How the writer learned he is not very spiritual," offensive due to its cynicism (HCN, 8/18/97). Apparently all the writer did was look on the surface of things. He gives no indication of having tried to talk with a local person involved in healing or with any person who might actually be benefiting from the multitude of services offered. While there is certainly commercialism and some questionable practitioners, there are also many people of advanced spiritual awareness. These people are helping others to transform themselves into loving beings who help heal the wounds of our society wherever they live.

The author refers to stumbling across spiritual awakenings as a college student. Apparently all he did was stumble. I detect a strong note of sour grapes that the town he once knew has changed.

As a practicing physician in emergency medicine, as well as a practicing energy healer, I see a tremendous need for individuals to assume responsibility for their problems - both physical and spiritual. I invite Mr. Lyons to drop his cynicism and look into his heart. Under the anger and fear is the love that will transform the world.

Daniel Blodgett

Socorro, New Mexico