The Quivira Coalition

  Southern New Mexico is best known as a battleground between environmentalists and wise users. Now, two conservationists and a rancher have founded a coalition to show a third way. The group is based in Santa Fe, but its example is Jim Winder's Double Lightning Ranch near Nutt, N.M. The coalition's first 16-page newsletter, The Quivira Coalition: Sharing Common-Sense Solutions to the Rangeland Conflict, says "ecologically healthy rangeland and economically robust ranches can be compatible." In addition to Winder, the founders are Barbara Johnson and Courtney White. The group has scheduled a Sept. 2 tour of Winder's ranch; for tour information, call Winder at 505/267-4227. For a copy of the newsletter or for general information, write the Quivira Coalition, 535 Cordova Road, Suite 423, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

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