Celebrate Mono Lake

  • Stark and beautiful: Tufa towers at Mono Lake

    Jim Stimson
  As water returns to California's Mono Basin, the nonprofit Mono Lake Committee is getting ready for a Restoration Days celebration, Aug. 29-Sept. 1. The four-day event is a chance for visitors to explore, discover, and help preserve the basin, says Kay Ogden, committee spokeswoman. The documentary film The Battle for Mono Lake. premieres Aug. 29, and a "rehydration ceremony" the next day promises to be less strenuous than in the past, when bicyclists carried water 300 miles from Los Angeles to Mono Lake, to protest the diversion of the lake's inlets to the city. After a lengthy court battle, preservationists won protection for the lake in 1994, when minimum legal flows into the lake were established. Since then, the water level has risen by 7.6 feet and the basin is healing slowly from over 50 years of water diversions. For more information, contact Ogden at 760/647-6595, or via e-mail at [email protected]

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