Don't give up on Boulder, Utah

  Editor's Note: In a letter to the editor on June 23, Katherine and Michael McCoy of Buena Vista, Colo., expressed dismay about the lack of entrepreneurial zeal in the town of Boulder, near Utah's new monument. This was one response to their complaint:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. McCoy:

We are sorry you were unable to find the selection you desired. There is a store in Boulder that sells burritos and has a microwave and there are four restaurants. If you scratch the surface of this town, you will discover that we are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit: We have outfitters to take you fishing on the mountain, a full-service guest ranch to keep you in the saddle all day, first-class dining and lodging, food on the run, hiking trips into the desert, jeep tours, locally raised organic beef, gas and groceries. These businesses have not sprung up in response to the monument, but are locally owned and operated with many years of experience.

One of our most valued assets, as you discovered, is that no two residents of Boulder think alike. In any town, big or small, you will come across opinions and ideas with which you may or may not agree. All we can hope is that all of our ideas are treated with the respect and consideration they deserve.

We are in the process of developing a brochure and we have a very informative Web site at We appreciate your comments and suggestions and hope that your next trip to Boulder and the Grand Staircase-Escalante Canyon National Monument is a success.

Sue Fearon

Boulder, Utah

The writer is coordinator of the Boulder Business Alliance.

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