For urban dropouts

  John Clayton, who lived in the Boston area before moving to rural Montana, has written a no-nonsense book that could help disgruntled urbanites make an informed decision before hitting the highway. The title says it all: Small Town Bound: Your guide to small-town living, from determining if life in the country lane is for you, to choosing the perfect place to set roots, to making your dream come true. Clayton doesn't mince words about the adjustment needed once a move is made. But the characteristics that make life engaging in a remote, isolated (no mall shopping), agrarian, conformist, relaxed, religious, friendly place, he points out, are usually the traits that make life rewarding anywhere. You have to pitch in and become part of a community. It also helps, he writes, if you don't come in knowing all the answers.

Career Press, 3 Tice Road, Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, (800/CAREER-1). Softcover, $11.99. 223 pages.

* Betsy Marston
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