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Know the West

We need the team

  Dear HCN,

Jon Margolis' article on the Teaming With Wildlife initiative (HCN, 12/23/96) was accurate with only one slight error: The states would pay 25 cents, not 30 cents, to get the matching 75 cents of each dollar provided by the initiative.

Since snowmobiles and ATVs are not on the list of recreational products to be assessed a user-fee, ATV manufacturers have been actively opposing this initiative.

The state of Missouri has shown how increased and diverse funding sources build additional constituencies that are committed to all of the state's natural resources. That funding has benefited the state's fishing and hunting programs as well as nongame conservation, educational programs, a great state parks system and even an urban wildlife program. While recreational opportunities abound in Missouri, I have not heard any complaints that the Missouri Department of Conservation has been renamed the Department of Recreation.

As someone who hunts and fishes, the only insult I see is when all that expensive outdoor gear I buy contributes to neither the nongame wildlife populations nor to ever-shrinking habitat. I look for Teaming With Wildlife to offer a solution to this inequity.

Meredith Taylor

Dubois, Wyoming