More digging, less human interest

  Dear HCN,

I just finished skimming the Escalante article (HCN, 4/14/97) and while I found the stories interesting, it seemed that they were more of what has become common in High Country News - anecdotal reporting without investigation.

On page 10, Roger Holland says that the Andalex coal company would only disturb "2.5 million tons a year off of 40 acres." Is that 40 acres per year? For how many years? What about roads, facilities, powerlines, housing for miners?

I am disappointed because High Country News seems so caught up in discussing socio-economic impacts that it often neglects environmental aspects of an issue. "Human interest" may be what sells papers, but we have People magazine and the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel for that. This reader (and others, I suspect) would like some in-depth reporting that goes beyond Ronald Reagan-like anecdotes (OK, so your examples were real) to facts and the whole picture.

Norm Mullen

Grand Junction, Colorado

The writer is Western Slope representative for the Colorado Environmental Coalition.

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