Spotting lawless logging

  Last year's timber salvage rider made some people at the Alliance for the Wild Rockies see red. They channeled some of their anger into creating a map that pinpoints, with over 500 crimson spots, timber sales in the Northern Rockies. An accompanying eight-page report addresses the costs of such logging, its erosive effects on roads and the substitution of green tree sales for salvage sales. A sprinkling of editorial quotes from across the nation evolve from incredulity at the rider to condemnation to regret. There are also some surprising statistics: the Forest Service road system has grown eight times longer than the U.S. highway system.

For a free copy of Logging Without Laws: A Report on the Timber Salvage Rider of the 104th Congress and the map, contact Alliance for the Wild Rockies, P.O. Box 8731, Missoula, MT 59807 (406/721-5420) or e-mail [email protected] The report is also available on-line at

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