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The TRI is available in several formats. Many public libraries have the report. Individuals can access it using on-line computer databases or purchase it on CD-ROM or on computer diskettes. For data-use assistance, call 202/260-1531 or fax to 202/260-4659. EPA also maintains a national technical hotline (800/535-0202) to help individuals and businesses understand TRI and reporting requirements. U.S. EPA Internet Server can be accessed at

For more information, contact the Right to Know Network (RTKNET at; the National Library of Medicine at 301/496-6531; The Working Notes on Community Right-To-Know, Paul Orum, editor, at 202/544-9586 or e-mail, [email protected]; the Mineral Policy Center, Washington D.C., 202/887-1872; Jerry Cooper, spokesman for ASARCO, 212/510-1810; or the National Mining Association, 202/861-2800.

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