Not for aggies only

  Those who think the phrase "agricultural press' is an oxymoron should take a look at Oregon's Capital Press, which covers ag issues in the Northwest with intelligence, perspective and a minimum of hysteria. While the weekly is definitely not an environmental publication, it covers much the same ground in a calm and informative way. Its June 6 front page dealt with Washington farmers' poor showing in the national sweepstakes to sign up for the Conservation Reserve Program, an attempt by the Oregon Legislature to bar recreationists from streamsides, and efforts of Kings County, home of Seattle, to protect agricultural land and promote farmers' markets. Stories could have more context, but they strive for depth and they present the several sides. An annual subscription is $36 ($20 if you're in 4-H or the Future Farmers of America). For information, call 800/882-6789, or write: Capital Press, Box 2048, Salem, OR 97308.

*Ed Marston

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