Our role as stewards

  Dear HCN,

I was pleased to see your feature on "Evangelical Christians preach a green gospel" (HCN, 4/28/97). Too often those in the environmental movement blame Christianity for promoting ideas that lead to degradation of the earth. There have also been too many Christians who have not understood that the environmental movement has been doing God's work in bringing the earth back to wholeness.

Those in the evangelical churches will have a difficult time coming to a consensus on this issue. But I concur with Dan'l C. Markham's comment that, "In 25 years of ministry I have never heard a sermon on "dominion theology" as an excuse for mistreating the earth," though we in the church know that biblical proof-texting can be used to justify most anything.

In the mainline Christian tradition we have called on a creation theology which includes much more than the Bible: Reason, experience, mysticism, and divine revelation are additional ways to see God's purpose.

Christians who love all the creation God made, and each other in community, do this because they know God made it all. We are also given the charge to protect it both for what it is and for the benefit of future generations. This is what stewardship is all about. High Country News has created a wonderful opportunity to explore this area further.

Warren Murphy

Cody, Wyoming

The writer is minister of Christ Episcopal Church in Cody.