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Intimidation is on the rise

  -Our goal is to destroy, to eradicate the environmental movement," said Ron Arnold, of Seattle, Wash., one of the leaders of the wise-use movement, in 1991. "We're mad as hell." It's one thing to talk about anger and destruction; another to act out those feelings. Since 1989, there have been over 100 incidents of harassment against environmentalists and public employees, almost half of which occurred in the past year. They include property damage through bombs or fire, animal mutilation, assaults and death threats. To educate the public about this chilling trend, the Oregon-based Western States Center recently published two reports. Dangerous Territory: The Attack on Citizen Participation and the Environmental Movement, by Jonn Lunsford, documents many attacks and threats and includes case studies. Extremists and the Anti-Environmental Lobby: Activities Since Oklahoma City, by Tarso Ramos, explores the foundations of the anti-green movement and its multiplying extremist offshoots, such as militias. To receive a free copy of either report, write the Western States Center, P.O. Box 40305, Portland, OR 97240 503/228-8866, or read them on the Web at www.igc.org/westernstates/.