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Know the West

Guess who's dining together

  Dear HCN,

Thank goodness for Ted Williams - -Hunters Close Ranks, and Minds' - he's a national treasure (HCN, 3/3/97). I would like to point out to your readers that Orion-The Hunters Institute has recently initiated a project called "Winsor Dinners," named after a Colorado hunter who first held a potluck at his home for hunting, non-hunting and anti-hunting friends two years ago.

Winsor Dinners are designed to bring all viewpoints of the community to the dinner table and to share in the bounty of the hunt. No auctions or raffles or fund raising, but rather storytelling, discussions of issues from all sides and, hopefully, the raising of consciousness and shared concerns. Most recently, Ted Kerasote, an Orion board member from Kelly, Wyo., organized a dinner in Jackson, Wyo., for 114 people, including the Rocky Mountain field representative of the Fund for Animals. Civil discourse ensued, a wonderful meal was shared, and people were heard to say afterward, "Now I understand where the other side was coming from."

For more information on the Winsor Dinner project, contact Orion at 219 Vawter Street, Helena, MT 49601 (406/449-2795).

Ken Barrett

Bozeman, Montana

The writer is president of Orion-The Hunters Institute.