A tough fighter

  Dear HCN,

It was with sadness that I read of our loss of Ruth Hutchins, one of the noblest of fighters for a sane Colorado water policy.

My first contact with Ruth was a Sunday telephone call to me in my then capacity as a Colorado River Water Conservation District director. She talked at such great length and detail about problems confronting Mesa County irrigators that I began to suspect that I was talking to some kind of "nut." How wrong that was proven to be!

As many know, Ruth monitored activities of the Colorado River District, becoming a regular at our board meetings. You mention that she was a cofounder of the Mesa County Water Association; I sometimes felt that group better represented western Colorado water interests than did the district.

Ruth served as the conscience for those of us appointed to various roles in water policy making. I listened to that voice of conscience and, in the process, was privileged to know better a lovely woman and a tough fighter.

Bob Child

Arroyo Grande, California

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