'This monument was just plain stupid'

  • Roger Holland

    Paul Larmer

Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Roger Holland, 52, is a Kanab town councilman, a part-time rancher and a mining consultant. He has done geological surveys on the Kaiparowits Plateau within the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Roger Holland: "This monument was just plain stupid; the president did it to keep people from voting for Ralph Nader.

"We can have a coal mine and wilderness. I've been going out to the (Andalex) mine site regularly since 1988, and I've never seen a backpacker on the Kaiparowits. Andalex would have provided 2.5 million tons a year off of 40 acres you couldn't see unless you were actually up there. But the environmentalists want to control all that country.

"The Kaiparowits coal is the best we have left. There's nowhere else Clinton can send Andalex to get a similar resource. It's like someone taking your Rolls Royce and saying, 'I'm going to give you the pick of the Ford lot.'

"America will become a Third World nation if we don't pull our head out. Corporate America is getting sent abroad because it's too hard to do business here. I'm going to be one mad José when my kids get killed at war in the Middle East because we haven't developed the resources here."

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