Caretakers wanted

  Taking care of other people's property for a living is taking off, says Gary Dunn, publisher of Washington state's eight-page newsletter, The Caretaker Gazette. The bimonthly newsletter, first printed in 1983, lists some 90 caretaking opportunities in the United States and nine foreign counties. Interest is equal on either side of the equation, Dunn says: More ranchers, homeowners and camp managers are realizing the benefits of hiring live-in stewards, while recent graduates, retired couples and people seeking change are flocking to these jobs. It's not officially a matchmaking newsletter, though sometimes the humans who own the property express the need for a little caretaking, too: "Mountain farm man with 40 acres of beautiful trees and a clear mountain stream needs a woman." Advertisements are free; contact the Gazette at 1845 NW Deane St., Pullman, WA 99163-3509 (509/332-0806).

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